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: 25-27th July Nobuo Matzumura Japan Bird Photographer at Kaeng Krachan Thailand.  : 6-8th Hans Van Ek - Ducth 5 pax., Wild Life trip in Khao Yai Thailand.

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  • To Panuwat Sasirat                         Dec 10 at 6:02 PM                         Hello Panuwat,                                                                                          first of all many thanks for the very good birding trip. Yesterday I`ve spoken with Mr. Klanke and he told me that he was very delighted with the trip. I`ve been asked to tell you and your assistent  many thanks and warm regards.Now I`ve 2 people (Double-room)  who want to visit Vietnam. Could you guide them?The itinerary should be the same you`ve given to me.           The participants would arrive in Hanoi on 15. February 2014 at 10:35am with CI 791 and depart on 01. March 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City at 17:50 am with CI 784 Please tell me if you can guide the two people. May be we get more bookings in the next weeks.                                                                                   Best regards                                                                                     Jürgen  
  • Hi Panuwat,
    Back home now and just about getting over the jet lag. I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you did to make our trip to Thailand a great success. Everything went very smoothly (as I knew it would) and all of the accommodations were first class - so thanks!
    Also, it was very pleasant indeed to spend time and go birding with Mr. Pank - a fine fellow and super birder. It was great fun to bump into him at Khao Yai and at Mr. Daeng's later in the trip. Please say hello to him from me…
    I have a question - a friend of mine will be visiting Thailand in January. Would it be possible for me to put him in contact with you regarding Mr. Pank or yourself guiding him to Pak Thale and Laem Pak Bia for Spoon-billed Sandpipers? Please do let me know.
    It was a real pleasure to visit your great country again and hope to come back in the not too distant future. Needless-to-say, I'll be in contact with you when this happens. Also, I'll recommend your services to anyone I know that will be visiting.
    Thanks again and let me know about guiding for my friend…
    Dave B
    Date of management trip 16 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2012,
    Number persons : 4 pax.
    Location : around Thailand
  • Dear Par
    I hope that you are fit and well. You must have thought that we had forgotten all about you! Rest assured that we have not and will not.
    You made our trip to Thailand one that will not easily be put aside or forgotten. Such amazing birds, especially the great hornbill which we had been trying to see for ages. As you know not all of it ran as smoothly as you would have wished, but even that hiccup was completely overcome by the very kind and thoughtful way in which you handled it. We were extremely touched by your meeting us at the airport as we arrived back in Bangkok. Where else could we get such care? I think you are a very rare person and superb as a guide and trip organiser, to say nothing of being a skilled photographer and 'cook' ! We tried your recipe for sticky rice when we visited our daughter in Cornwall and she could not get enough of it! We cooked it in the baskets we purchase with you.
    We are still pouring over the photographs mostly taken by you but also by Samarn ( do give him our best wishes when you see him)- really great. All our friends think so too!!!
    So, a very BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful trip. We shall be back!
    I wanted to ask you about your little recording machine for recording bird calls. Keith would like one for a birthday treat and I'm not sure which to get. Can you advise?
    Please do remember that we have bedrooms to spare in our house in London, so if you and your wife are here, please do feel free to stay with us. You would be very welcome!
    With very warm regards to you and also to your wife, from Keith and me, (Today is sunny and warm - 20' , not snowy as it was when we arrived home at the end of January)
    Thursday, March 15, 2012
  • #1 Thanks for that Par. It was good to meet you at Khao Yai - I hope we weren't too loud!!

    Also thanks to Pank and Tui, who were knowledgable and enthusiastic.

    I am preparing a trip report which will be on my website - I will let you know when it is finished.

    #2 Many thanks for a great well organized trip by your brilliant team.
    I have recommended you on the International bird site Surfbirds
    Number 1 report at moment.

    Many thanks to my good friends Pank and Tui. direct link below
    Ian Hillery, London UK.
    Birding trip on February 2013
  • Hi Kampol Tui

    Guy and I are in Japan waiting for our last flight home. We were sad to leave Thailand. Thank you for a wonderful trip. You are an excellent guide and so helpful and nice. Please tell Mr Pong that he was an excellent driver and it was a pleasure to meet him also. Hopefully we will bird Thailand again some day. We will send you photos once we download them.
    All the best
    Debbie and Guy, USA.
    Birding trip on March 2013
  • Hi Par, Tu

    My daughter and I had a wonderful time on the birding trip. We really enjoyed Chintana. She was knowledgable, courteous, pleasant, and well prepared for tourist woes from bug bites to stomach aliments. She had reserved nice accommodations everywhere and took us to interesting birding sites each day. The driver was also helpful and good at spotting birds. We are happy to recommend her to others.
    Janet Mount, USA.
    Biridng trip on March 2013
  • Hello Par.

    Nice of you to ask.
    Me and Sandra enjoyed the tour very much.
    Pank and At were a very professional and tried every time to respond to our requests. They were also very nice company. The car was perfect.

    We will never forget our first trip to Asia and Thailand.
    In terms of birds, I counted 189 species which is nice. I also counted 14 (possibly 15) mammals.
    We saw 2 spoonbill sandpipers and a great hornbill. We failed the longtail (heard only), the green peafowl (heard only) and the blue pitta.

    We could be more lucky, but I think we were lucky enough. We had not much luck with the weather.
    Of course things were not perfect.
    i) Khao Yai is beautiful but it is too crowded at weekends.
    ii) Balios hotel is doing renovations and the bedroom we were using was facing a noisy bar. Service was nice, however.
    iii) Perhaps for some species the use of playback could be useful and should be a thing to consider.
    Best regards
    birding trip in Jan. 2013
  • Dear Mr.Panuwat, Mr.Pank, Mr.Ton

    Hello, I’m SASUGA.

    Thank you very much for your guide.
    I feel the birds result was great, tour was very comfortable.
    Particularly we can watch special birds like White-faced Plover,
    White-fronnted Scops-owl, Ratchet-tailed Treepie, Spoonbill Sandpiper etc.
    (I send some photo to you.)
    We are very satisfied with the tour and birds result.
    We hope to go to Thailand Birding with you next time,
    and I’ll introduce your company to my friends.

    ↓This is thank-you note from my wife Miyuki.

    Thank you very much for your nice guide and safe driving.
    I walked around Japan here and there, but the foreign countries are still the second. So there was some uneasiness, but I was able to spend comfortable very happy days.
    I really thank you for your various consideration.
    And I came to love Thailand for a wonderful smile.
    I want to go to Thailand again sometime.
    And I study more English and want to know a bird and Thailand more.
    See you again, sometime!

    The attachment photograph is a brown-eared bulbul eating the vegetables of our flower bed.
    The bulbul which is in Thailand is entirely different from the bulbul which is in Japan. The identification is simple because there is only one kind of this in Japan.
    The bulbul which is in Thailand is really difficult for me….=

    Best regards.
    Hisaya & Miyuki SASUGA, Japan
    Birding & Photography Tour in Dec. 2012
  • Dear Par, Dear Nang,
    I would like to thank you again about the bird trip we all have enjoyed. Good organization, guiding, thaï cooking, accommodations, transportations, bird watching (more than 360 species seen)...

    The last night of our trip, we were at the SuphanLake Hometel, not too far the international airport (20 minutes). It is a very good address (practical, comfortable, cheap...) with a park nearby. We added two birds species in the sunday morning in this park : one bulbul and the pink-necked green-pigeon ! If you need more informations, you have the email in copy...
    Best regards.
    Christian GLORIA with 5 friends / French
    2 week birding tour in Feb. 2013
  • Dear Mr Panuwat
    your bird tour is excellent, i think pank and tui are excellent even driver is very good spotting and stopping for birds
    definitely recommend already thinking of coming again for another trip
    will send pictures if i get them done soon
    thanks again
    Tony Lim, Singapore
    Bird photography tour 3 day in Khao Yai , Feb. 2013
  • Dear Par,
    We had a terrific time! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I will recommend your company.
    We are now back in Alaska (where it's -20°C, brrhh). Family obligations did not allow for quite as much more birding as I would have liked, but still got to see some nice species around Chaing Dao and Chaing Mai.
    Best wishes,
    Martin Renner, USA.
    One day Spoonbill Sandpiper, Jan. 2013
  • Dear Panuwat

    Our trip to Doi Inthanon was wonderful. Chintana was an excellent guide, both for birding and knowledge of Thai culture and history. She had a patient and thorough approach to finding birds that was very successful for us. Our driver, Perk, was super. While he was not a birder he had excellent spotting skills and helped us find birds. The minibus was very comfortable. Mr Deang's was good, so very friendly and welcoming. Food good.

    The only criticism is nothing to do with you. We were very cold in the mornings because of the unusual weather front coming down from China. We only had jumpers to wear and needed our coats which we had left in Chiang Mai. Once the sun was out we were fine.

    Thank you so much for organising our trip. We were especially delighted to see the spoonbill sandpiper and altogether got 194 species.
    Kind regards

    Rosie and Mario
    one day birding trip Jan. 2013
  • Hello Par, Mac and Pank,
    Good to hear from you. We enjoyed the trip very much. No commplaint from anyone.
    Steven like your company service better than from P's company...so he want to go
    agian in December with widBirdEco. Do not worry ...we are only 50% birder...Soh saw
    so many lifer in this trip and is very happy. I think altogether he spotted about 25 lifers)
    Steven (sharkspin) got his Indian Roller/ Green bee eater and Hoopoe....and he have
    good food so he is very happy. Me? I got many action shot of Gulls and terns in breeding

    Also got the Green bee eater nest...so i am happy.
    We had a good time ....and enjoyed having MAC and Pank to be our guide too.
    Mr Pieak also found the long tailed broadbill nest and all of us have good chance to see
    and take photographs...so we are happy and thankful to Mr Pieak for that too.
    Actually the Driver is ok...only go a little fast because in Sg...our speed limit is 90kmh...
    maybe in Thai it is 120kmh...so some feel a little worry...no need to stop using him...
    just tell him be a little slower. ...So ...maybe for 100% birder will not be a good trip...
    but nature is like that...and we as photographers and birders understand that it is not
    predictable and can not expect all birds to be there.
    I will definately plan another trip to Thailand and will definately use WildBirdEco
    because of the good service and more importantly ...because of my friends who
    are WildBirdEco. Or maybe Sharkspin will plan ...he is hooked.
    I am waiting for the trip report and please send me some pic of me taking photographs
    of bee eater with the cow in SamRoiYod.
  • Hi Par,
    You probably won't see this until after your "Taiwan" trip. Hope your tour to the North is going well.
    I want to thank you for an amazing experience - you worked very hard, and so did I! But, the results were worth it all.
    My highlights would definitely be the Spoonbilled Sandpiper, Silver Oriole, Blue-bearded Bee-eater, all the Kingfishers, and Stonechat. I thought Khao Yai was fantastic and we will spend more time there next time.
    Here is the wallpaper you asked for - attached as a full-frame 1024 pixel size image saved in the best quality. I can downsize it for you, too. Just let me know.
    I am attaching the web prepared Spoonbilled Sandpiper also. And, your capture of me!
    I am sorry about the mix-up with the cost of the Tour.
    Cheers, KC
  • Par,
    Mark and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip in Thailand visiting Pak Thale, Kaeng Krachan and Khao Yai. The birding was fantanstic, and we got to see our target birds, including the spoon-billed sandpiper, hornbills and broadbills. The food was also great and you and Ton were the perfect guide and driver.
    Mark has put the best of his photos online (and let us know if the link does not work).
    Thanks again for a wonderful trip.
    Janet and Mark
  • Khun Par
    That is fantastic to hear they had so many good birds on their trip. I think the birders from Hong Kong is very lucky and bless by God that they have a good guide like you, Khun Par.
    Eventhough we did not get many birds on our Khao Yai trip, we saw many lifers and we are also very happy. You also bring us to many locations that we have never been before during our last trip with Khun Pank.
    I am so happy that you always bring good birds for all your clients. This will augur well for you and your business. Together with your sincerity, diligence and honesty as a good businessman, I am sure you and Wild Bird Eco Tour will be very successful.
    I am looking forward to 2009.
    Khap Khun Mak, Khun Par.
    Khun Steven
  • Hi Pah.
    It was good meeting you last month. Thank you for the walk in Lumphini Park and the lovely lunch afterwards. The photo I took using my camera / your tripod is quite good so I am sending you a copy. Please let me know if it doesn’t come through.

    I am now back at work teaching. I am already very busy organising a choir of 300 children from different primary schools to sing at one of the Commonwealth Games events. We are going to sing some traditional Australian songs.
    We got back to Melbourne in time to go to the graduation of our youngest daughter from the Police Training Academy . She had to march with her ‘squad’ in full police uniform and she was presented with her police badge by the Chief of Police. We were very proud parents!
    Linley and Roge

  • Hi Par,
    Thanks again for a great day! I think you're batting the highest percentage of anyone I ever traveled with!
    We're off to Khao Yai now, but wanted to get you the bittern photo as it sounded like you needed it for your article. Considering how dark out it was and how far the bird was, I guess it came out OK. I can work more on it later,
    but this is a start. My only request is that you credit me for the photo if you use it.I'll send more photos later. I think I got a couple of good ones of the SBSP and maybe some others as well!
    See you in April maybe. I'll definitely send your name on to my friends in LA as well.
    Best regards,
    Tom Stephenson

  • Dear Par,
    Very good everything good by Guide Nang and Sonthaya. Daniel and me very happy!
    I still uploading photo

    Daniel photo..still uploading
    Next year 2011 end March to begining April thinking going Khao Yai (only there) for 5+days. For owl, pitta and frogmouth. Stay in the khao yai resort as Nang recommended. Planning to go night hunting for these bird and animal. Will confirm with you end of the year 2010 no. of people going. Thanks.
    BoonSin Tey
  • Hi Panuwat,
    Thank you, for your great service of the last time birding trip in Northern Thailand. After 2 week heavily raining and two storms within, it becomes sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy.

    We are all fine and now planning the next birding trip. Hope to get the chance to go birding with you in the future.

    Yours truly,
    Chang-Kuei Lo
  • Hi Par,
    I don't know if you received my email last week. I just got back to California on Saturday.
    Anyway, I had a great time on my trip. Thanks again for everything. I will post some photos on the NPN website, and if you like any let me know and I will send them to you.
    Best Regards,
    Charlie VanTassel
  • Dear Par,--
    Well, we have all returned home and recovered from our long trip. We sure enjoyed birding Khao Yai with you. Thanks for all your efforts. Now that I've seen the Ground Cuckoo and Siamese Fireback, I won't have to go back to that park ever again! I guess next time I will have to go to the northern parts of Thailand.
    We were wondering if you went down to Khaeng Krachan with Sophoan? I think she was a little bit shy about going with you alone! We sure liked her. Maybe some day you can take some of your customers to Cambodia with her help.
    I am leading a group of 9 birders to Panama for 12 days in June. I have spent a lot of time there, so it should be easy, and we will also have a good local guide. Otherwise, here at home, I am working on paintings for a bird guide to northeastern Mexico and southern Texas.
    Hope you are busy, and healthy, and happy!
  • Hi Par,
    Thanks again for a great day today; I'm glad we had a chance to go birding together. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Thailand itinerary you are setting up.
    Par, I accidentally deleted the photographs taken today of the spoon-billed sandpiper! Could you please email me a photograph you have taken of this bird!?
    I look forward to seeing you again on April 13th for the great Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo chase!
    Birding & Natural History Tour Leader
    Rockjumper Birding Tours
  • Hi K Par
    How are you? I hope yesterday at church was good for you and that God visited you. We are studying Galatians 3 in our Church in Sydney .
    I am writing to say Hi and to say thank you for a marvelous trip to Khao Yai. I wish it could have been longer. You are a great guide and I pray more and more customers can find your business.
    Let me know when your website is working again.
    David Skelley
  • Hi Par
    I wanted to write you to thank Pank and you for this unforgettable trip one more time. We lived an experience rich in events. I’m sure that now my daughters have a new way of apprehending holidays. For the moment, Marie and Cilia are at their grandmother's home and it was a true happiness to hear them telling this trip in Thailand.
    I think that you will post some photos of our trip on your website. I agree for that but we would like to choose the photos of us that you want to use. As Pank gave to me his memory cards, I can suggest you some photos. What do you think about that?
    To finish, I don’t know when we will come back but I’m sure that one day, you and us, we shall go to Kaeng Krachan NP or somewhere else in February. Don’t forget to give us your news from time to time. And make the most of life!
  • Hi Par,
    Thank you a lot for wildlife touring in Thailand we had such good time and beautiful memory too. Even working
    as a slave I still have a lot fun.
    Take care,
    Pest Management, Horticulture
    Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited
  • Hi, Par. Sawat dii khrap!
    I arrived at Japan last night. It became a great trip very much by your favor. 
    Thank you for your kindness very much.
    I want to go to Thailand again. At that time, I want to ask you for the guide. 
    Well, I append the file of the list of the bird to this mail.
    Please refer for the guest from Japan.
    And, please contact me if you come to Japan. And,please give my best
    regards to your lovely madam.
  • Hello Par,
    Now there is no more problem we can open the web site again.
    You finish the trip report of our tour, very nice J !

    On part III the last photo is too big it’s difficult to see it at all.
    On other trip reports your guests look serious but on our tour we make more jokes…
    I say it again it was a very pleasant tour with you, we saw and picture many bids and see also nice landscapes, temples, meet people… in your beautiful country. I think the friendly of our guide and drive makes also the tour nice.
    Have a good weekend
    God bless you
  • Rebecca and Rob, San Diego, US:
    Our excursion to Khao Yai with Par was the highlight of an already wonderful trip.
    Par was knowledgeable and a joy to bird with.
    Accommodations were comfortable and pleasant. We've birded around the world and this trip was one of the best.
    Par's skill and commitment to finding even the shyest of species was admirable and payed off. Worth every penny.
    Associate Professor
    Biology Dept
    San Diego State University
  • สวัสดีค่ะน้องภา
    ก่อนอื่น ขอขอบคุณอีกครั้งค่ะสำหรับที่ช่วยดูแลกรุ๊ป และโดยเฉพาะอย่างยิ่งที่กรุณาให้ยืมกล้องแถมยังถ่ายภาพงามๆ ให้อีก
    Roland, Christoph & Mechthild และคณะฝากขอบคุณน้องภามาด้วยค่ะ และ Christoph อยากได้ภาพที่น้องภาถ่ายตอนที่เขาเดินต้อนไก่น่ะค่ะ ถ้ามีโอกาสรบกวนส่งทางเมล์ให้ด้วยนะคะ
    กลับมาพี่ก็เคลียร์งานอื่นๆมากมาย เลยยังไม่ได้โทรไปหาเข้าใจว่าน้องภาก็คงยุ่งออกทัวร์อีกเช่นกัน (อิจฉานะเนี่ย)
    Mrs. Oraphan SUNAVIN (Pia)
    General Manager
    Royal Silk Holidays Co., LTD.
  • Hi Par and Pank

    Thanks again for taking me around during the recent birding trip in Thailand. Here is the link for the birds in my website.

    Will ID the birds later. Look forward to another trip in the near future. Hope your shoulder is getting better now.
  • Thank you, Par.
    I really enjoyed my last birding trip in April with Mac and Pank at Sukumvit, Bang Poo, Kaeng Krachan and Sam Roi Yod. This time, I want to see the beautiful birds of Chiang Mai. Looking forward to the trip.
  • One day birding had a fabulous day! over 50 lifers. If you ever come to California I'll take you birding.
    I take you to yosemite & show you San francisco.

    Vaya con Dios (Go with God in spanish) my brother
    Stephen FROST
  • Dear Par
    Sawaddee Krab, Sabai dee mai krab? Greetings from ‘Leo Safari’
    Please excuse my delay in sending a letter to you; but I have been quite busy with preparing for Andaman trip since returning from Chiang Mai.
    I am writing today to thank you and your company for your wonderful job during our visit to Thailand.
    Hotel accommodation and food was good. All the participants have been satisfied with the kind and accommodating staff at the hotels, drivers
    We hope we can convince more Indians to visit.
    We are still basking in the warm memories of our fantastic trip.
    Please convey my regards to Yha (How was the Valentine Day??)
    With warm regards,
  • Dear Par
    We arrived home 3:30 AM in the morning.I went to office start my work today,so I am sleepy now.
    I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THIS AMAZING TRIP.And your wonderful team.Because of you we have many excellent pictures and memories.Thailand is totally different to me now.
    Hope to see you soon and sent my greeting to Don .
    With warm regards,
  • Hi Par,
    Thank you for those “head shots”. We will remember our great trip with you and especially the Spoon-bill Sandpiper and Ph/”FHEE” pheasant.
    Thanks again for a great experience.

    Keep well,
  • Dear Chintana,
    "My two days spent birding with Chintana and her driver included some of the most enjoyable time I've ever spent in the field. Her English is excellent and her knowledge of the local birds is extensive. We found nearly all of our target species between Chiang Dao and Doi Inthanon. The highlight of my trip was the lucky appearance of two Black-Tailed Crakes which brought tears to my eyes. "
    Sincerely, Mark Agnor Chicago
  • Dear Chintana,
    "We'd love to thank you for the wonderful days in Doi Inthanon and Chiang Dao. You were a great guide, not only a passionate birder but also one of the most all-round guides we've met!
    Chintana, once again thank you for the great birding days together. You could really notice birding is one of the things you love to do. Also many thanks for the other lessons you 'teached' us on the road or during meals (when we were not distracted by all the birds and other animals ;-) )concerning history, culture and much more"
    From: Hanneke and Ties The Netherlands.
  • Dear Chintana,
    "Chintana is a superb birding guide: knowledgeable, energetic, patient, intelligent, positive, inquisitive and comfortable. She is thoroughly acquainted with all of the birds, their calls, plumage variations, habitat, distribution and behavior. I learned to appreciate her excellent eyes and ears, often locating birds that I hadn't suspected were near us. Chintana is a teacher at heart, always making sure to point out the key points of identification, comparing   a bird to others that might be similar, and repeating its name. We did a good deal of walking, and as we did, she continually called out the names of birds we were seeing, even if they had been seen well before. We never moved on until     I had an opportunity to see the bird well. The pace was relaxed and thorough. "
    From: Gene Bauer Northfield, Minnesota
  • Dear Panuwat,                                 Mr. Tui and Mr. Pong(sp?)and I had a good time despite gloomy weather on day 2.Thanks to Mr. Pong's excellent and safe driving,   I was able to make my plane despite terrible weather and traffic. The vehicle was in excellent condition and the transport was safe--perhaps the most important factor of any trip. Thanks and cheers until we meet again.              Keith.                                     Birding in west side of Bangkok > KK NP. on 28-29 Sep 13
  • Hi Pat.                                                thanks for the great trip. we got your snipe pictures, they are great.  We did not get your pictures of the owl's. And the link to the flickr- account. Could you send them to us?                                             Thanks again. Speak to you later. Edwin and Anne-Marie
  • To fai@wildbirdeco.net                 Oct 8 at 6:53 PM                           Hi,                                                           The video is very nice.Yes,         I remember that very well.  It was one of the best experiences of my life. I like the new web pages. They are very good.  My wife Susan and I will be back to Thailand, hopefully very soon.                                           Best,                                                Bob                                         Please look at >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnsUM7I5P0c
  • Dear Panuwat                                We compleated our trip with guide Mr.Kampol  driver Mr. Pongpat yesterday and I must say that they were both excellent.We are extremly satisfied with our trip and would recommend your company to anyone requiring a bird watching trip in Thailand.Apart from his excellent knowledge of the birds, Mr Kampol has a wealth of knowledge of all of Thailands natural history.Once again thank you very much.                               Kind regards                               Peter Kemp from Scotland  
  • Dear Panuwat
                                                            The bird watching was excellent  Mrs. Chintanna was very good  The driver was also very good We will recommend your site to our friends Best wishes                                                                             John and Priya Almeida                                                                          Birding  at Doi Inthanon NP. on 19 Nov. 2013 by Mrs. Chintana bird guide
  • Panuwat,                                                                                                    Our trip up Doi Inthanon with mrs Chintana was fantastic! Not only did she get me 45 lifers, but she also gave us great information on history and culture of the area. As a bird guide myself, I would not hesitate at all in recommending Mrs Chintana to others as a guide in the future.                                    Chris Charlesworth  Kelowna,          BC Canada                                                                                              2 Canada Birder on 15 Nov. 2013 at Doi Inthanon by Mrs.Chintana
  • From Adrian Lim                           To Par                                       Date Dec. 19th 2013 at 2:12 PM  Dear Par,                                                                                                 Sorry that I could not reply you earlier, I was out of town on weekend, and then too busy with work when I came back to Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I enjoyed my trip, especially up in Doi Lang. I wish I could spend a few more days there ! There are so many birds, but have to take time to get good pictures. The Parrot Bills and the Patridges will definitely make me go back again. I will send you some photos later. Yes, I will recommend your service to my friends.              I personally like to bird with you, and happy to have you as my guide. I am not a very demanding person, I will be happy just sitting in a hide waiting for birds, instead of moving from place to place all the time. You take good car, and send our regards to our driver.                           Cheers.
  • Dear Ms Rungrat Siriyot,
    Thank you for your email and apologies for the late answer.
    The bird watching daytrip in Doi Inthanon with Chintana was really nice.Chintana was very pleasant and competent guide.
    We will recommend your service if we have the occasion.
    Best regards
    Amaury Cazenave Gassiot
    Dec. 22nd  2013 at O7:02 PM.

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Online Payments   

Wild Bird provides various payment channels to assist your travelling plan and serve any of your lifestyle. For last total payment of the tour cost, you can pay online via credit card to mPOS(Mobile Point of Sales) - Wild Bird guide take mPOS equipment on the tour, or if not necessary for your - you can payment in cash or transfer via bank account. Just let we know  How to last pay with Wild Bird Eco
  • Bar-Beilled Pitta , Vietnam @ Man
    Bar-Beilled Pitta , Vietnam @ Man
  • White-Browed Nuthatch , Myanmar
    White-Browed Nuthatch , Myanmar
  • Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo, Thailand @ Sandy Chian
    Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo, Thailand @ Sandy Chian
  • Gurney's Pitta Survey Myanmar 2014
    Gurney's Pitta Survey Myanmar 2014
  • Wreathed Hornbill, C W Thailand, S Myanmar
    Wreathed Hornbill, C W Thailand, S Myanmar
  • Campground Gurney's Pitta Survey Myanmar 2015
    Campground Gurney's Pitta Survey Myanmar 2015
  • Gurney's Pitta @ Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015
    Gurney's Pitta @ Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015
  • Gurney's Pitta @ Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015
    Gurney's Pitta @ Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015
  • female Gurney's Pitta in Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015
    female Gurney's Pitta in Tanintharyi Myanmar 2015

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  • Birding in Thailand 4 days for Spoonbill Sandpiper
  • Birding Tour in Thailand 4 night

GM Talk

Panuwat Sasirat

General Manager

Dear Valued Customer

We are proud to present new route bird watching and bird photography tour.

Gurney's Pitta tour, the location on LAST STAND in Tanintharyi south of Myanmar.

We spend a lot of investment to make this route to happen, After all of them extinction from low land forest in Krabi province, Thailand.  On 2012 we use all year to planing and 3 years survey in Myanmar, on March 2015, finally we have to know well about key spot to see of them, camping site and good partnership in local. More important we are only one company tour in the world can management and reach there by accept the Karen National Union(KNU) army allow us to birdwatching in his area.

Please hurry to come and see them before habitat around here to change by many reason such as cutting forest, forest fire and political.

Waching VDO from Gurney's Pitta survey in Youtube or next VDO page in our website. 

Best Regards,

Wild Bird Team



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