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: 27 June - 1 July, Birding tour in Chiang Mai   /  1 July A Day trip Bang Phra
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TH03 Doi Chiang Dao


Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary,

   Terrain is highly complex forest is a pine forest, dry evergreen forests interspersed with grasslands. The interesting point is Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The third highest mountains in the 2,175 meters with a height of a mountain or mountain, with the highest third of Thailand after TH04 Doi Inthanon and TH01 Doi Pha Hompok(Doi Lang) in Chiang Mai province.

       A total of at least 350 species recorded, Birds of Doi Chiang Dao established the most. The discovery of rare birds and is expected to go extinct, then there is Deignan's BabblerStachyris rodolphei ,

       Getting to birding Doi Chiang Dao need to have purchase entrance tickets from the office Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, office base in Chiang Dao town at least 1 day in advance.  Then you have to go with the 4 wd. pickup for 1 hour, the best time to leave from resort on 04:30 am. or 05:00 am.   You are arrive the sub-units of wildlife sanctuaries Den Ya Kan at dawn, give you time to drink hot coffee eat breakfast from the services of Wild Bird Eco Tour picnic menu set, to increase the power of walking throughout the day.

       For bird watchers who love camping at this point for you really.  There are many reasons to come camping here. The view is very beautiful Tent under the pine forest at an altitude of 1,200 msl. Calm and quiet of tourists. It also offers high security

     In the morning birds in this area will see several species. Everyone watched the bird watching is Giant Nuthatch and Hume's Pheasant. In addition, Everyone wanted to see the birds are expected to go extinct, that of Doi Chiang Dao is Deignan's Babbler.

      Throughout the day we go to see the birds on the dirt road, some time walk along the nature trails or cutting the meadow on hill or slope.


Chiang Dao hot spring

        The one birding spot in Doi Chiang Dao. It is located in the foothills not far from the main road, Hot spring for here is small outdoor pond along the brook in the Karen village.

         The hot springs are still the natural environment, Did not crowded like other tourist attractions. The nearby have large saltlick its' the livelihood of the herd of buffalos in the village to feeding here. This's the resting place of people and buffalos, but also a living. And livelihood of many beautiful birds such as Pin-tailed Parrotfinch, Pin-tailed Piegon, Emeral Dove, Crested Treeswift and more.